Pooja Vyas, Registered PT

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and Women's Health Certified
Corrective Exercises Specialist
Special Interest in Pediatric Physiotherapy and Torticollis

Pooja Vyas is a highly skilled and experienced Registered Physiotherapist in Ontario, Canada, dedicated to providing exceptional care and treatment for a wide range of conditions. With a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy from Gujarat University, India, and an MS in Exercise Science from Long Island University, New York, Pooja possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. Pooja's expertise extends to specialized areas such as pelvic health, where she holds a prestigious certification in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy-Level 3. She is also a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Additionally, Pooja is adept in utilizing Kinesio Taping techniques to optimize recovery and rehabilitation. With a passion for helping patients regain optimal function and well-being, Pooja focuses on a diverse range of conditions, including neck pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, mid and low backache, disc herniation, knee pain, sciatica, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis. She also specializes in pediatric physiotherapy, offering early intervention services for children.

Conveniently located to serve the communities of Kitchener, Cambridge, and Guelph, Pooja is committed to delivering personalized and evidence-based care. She is fluent in English, Hindi, and Gujarati, ensuring effective communication with patients. Pooja's dedication to ongoing professional development and her passion for helping others achieve their goals make her a trusted and sought-after physiotherapist.

In her spare time, Pooja enjoys various activities, including dancing, reading, running, and practicing yoga. With her comprehensive skills, compassionate approach, and commitment to patient care, Pooja Vyas is the ideal choice for those seeking top-quality physiotherapy services.

Nischay (Nick) Modi, Registered PT, COMT

Certified in Orthopedic Manual Therapy including full Mulligan concept (COMT) Certified Aerobic Instructor
Special Sports Injury, Ortho and Neuro Physiotherapy

Nischay Modi is a highly skilled and dedicated Registered Physiotherapist based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. With a strong educational background, Nischay holds a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy from Gujarat University, India, and a Master's degree in Public Administration from Pace University, USA. He has obtained prestigious certifications, including Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT), Mulligan Mobilization Technique, Kinesio Taping, and Certified Aerobics Trainer.

Nischay excels in employing a comprehensive range of advanced treatment techniques to provide effective care. His expertise encompasses muscle release, instrument-assisted soft-tissue techniques, Kinesio Taping, and Mulligan Mobilization Technique. By leveraging these specialized techniques, Nischay successfully addresses various musculoskeletal issues, such as neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain resulting from injury, overuse, or degenerative changes. Additionally, he has a particular interest in managing running injuries, facilitating post-surgical knee and hip replacement recovery, and delivering comprehensive sports rehabilitation services.

Conveniently located in Cambridge, Ontario, Nischay serves clients residing in the surrounding areas, including Kitchener and Guelph. Nischay is fluent in English, Hindi, and Gujarati, ensuring effective communication with a diverse range of patients. Furthermore, he possesses a basic understanding of Spanish and Russian, enhancing his ability to cater to an even broader population.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Nischay finds fulfillment in various activities, such as calisthenics, running, reading, and video editing and creation. These interests reflect his commitment to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which further informs his approach to patient care.

If you are seeking a highly qualified and compassionate physiotherapist in Cambridge, Ontario, look no further than Nischay Modi. With his exceptional skills, extensive experience, and commitment to personalized care, Nischay is dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal physical health and regain their quality of life.

Vaishali Prajapati, Registered Massage Therapist

Vaishali Prajapati, RMT

Meet Vaishali Prajapati, RMT - Nurturing Wellness Through Expert Massage Care
Experience personalized wellness with Vaishali Prajapati, a compassionate Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) dedicated to enhancing your well-being. With a focus on tailored therapeutic massage treatments, Vaishali prioritizes your unique needs.

With qualifications from the esteemed National Institute, Vaishali holds a robust foundation in anatomy, physiology, and advanced massage techniques. Licensed by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and a member of the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of Ontario (RMTAO), she upholds high ethical standards while staying updated with industry trends.

Vaishali's holistic approach emphasizes regular massage therapy and a healthy lifestyle for an enriched quality of life. Specializing in trauma, Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), pregnancy massage, and baby massage, she provides comprehensive support on your path to recovery and nurturing.
Beyond her practice, Vaishali's family and culinary passions inspire her. Acknowledging the significance of self-care, she maintains her well-being to deliver optimal client care.

For a dedicated RMT offering client-centered care, partner with Vaishali Prajapati. Embark on your journey to vitality and relaxation today. Contact Vaishali for personalized massage therapy that makes a difference. Your wellness is her priority.

Brad Reichenbach, Pedorthist C. PED (C)

Brad - Certified Pedorthist in Ontario

Brad is a dedicated and highly skilled Certified Pedorthist with extensive experience in providing specialized foot care services. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and Diploma in Pedorthics at the esteemed University of Western Ontario from 2000 to 2006. Since obtaining his certification in 2007, Brad has worked at various clinics across Ontario, delivering exceptional pedorthic services to his clients.

With a passion for helping individuals achieve optimal foot health, Brad specializes in custom-made foot orthotics, medical-grade compression socks, Kinesio taping, as well as ankle, knee, and back bracing. His comprehensive assessment process includes a thorough patient history, precise range of motion comparison, dynamic gait analysis, joint angle and anatomical measurements, and the utilization of 3-D foam or plaster slipper casting techniques to generate customized foot orthotics. Brad's meticulous approach ensures that each client receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

Brad's commitment to providing the highest quality pedorthic services is evident in his special interests and ongoing professional development. He stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field to offer cutting-edge solutions to his clients. By combining his expertise with his compassionate and patient-centered approach, Brad strives to improve mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance overall foot function for his clients.

When not assisting clients, Brad enjoys staying active and participating in activities such as hiking and cycling. His dedication to a healthy lifestyle further reinforces his understanding of the importance of foot health and its impact on overall well-being.

If you are seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate Certified Pedorthist in Ontario, Brad is committed to providing you with the highest standard of foot care services. Trust his expertise to help you achieve improved foot function and regain your mobility.

Trusha Patel, Clinic Manager / PTA

Trusha Patel - Clinic Manager and Physiotherapy Assistant in Ontario

Trusha Patel is a dedicated and highly skilled professional serving as a Clinic Manager and Physiotherapy Assistant in Ontario, Canada. With a strong educational background and practical experience in healthcare management, Trusha plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of the clinic and providing valuable support to the physiotherapy team.

Trusha holds a post-graduate degree in Health Care Administration and Service Management from Conestoga College, Ontario. Her comprehensive knowledge and expertise in healthcare management allow her to effectively oversee the day-to-day operations of the clinic, ensuring efficiency and providing exceptional patient care.

In addition to her management responsibilities, Trusha is also a proficient Physiotherapy Assistant. She brings her expertise and hands-on skills to assist the physiotherapists in providing therapeutic treatments and exercises to patients. Trusha's understanding of the various techniques and modalities utilized in physiotherapy enhances her ability to support patients throughout their rehabilitation journey.

Trusha's passion for healthcare extends beyond her managerial and clinical roles. She has a special interest in promoting wellness and enjoys incorporating therapeutic yoga, fitness training, and cardio exercises into patient care plans. Her commitment to personal well-being aligns with her desire to empower patients to achieve their optimal health and physical function.

As a Clinic Manager, Trusha excels in organization, ensuring that all administrative tasks are efficiently handled. She also brings her expertise in social media marketing and advertisement strategies to enhance the clinic's visibility and attract new patients. Trusha's multifaceted skills and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the clinic and its patients.

If you are seeking a skilled and compassionate Clinic Manager and Physiotherapy Assistant in Ontario, Trusha Patel is committed to providing exceptional care and ensuring a positive experience for patients. Trust her expertise in healthcare management and physiotherapy assistance to support your wellness journey.

Jay Brahmbhatt , Clinic Administration/PTA

Introducing Jay Brahmbhatt, the dynamic force behind MM Physio's administrative prowess, and a passionate physiotherapy assistant with a zest for life. Born in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, India, Jay is not your typical healthcare professional. When he's not helping patients, you'll find him making strategic moves on the chessboard, swinging a cricket bat, or diving into the world of scientific literature.

Jay's journey began at Gujarat University, where he earned his Bachelor's in Physiotherapy. Fueling his quest for knowledge, he ventured into international conferences and sports physiotherapy workshops. After a year of senior physiotherapy experience, he embarked on a new adventure, this time to Canada's Mohawk College, where he delved deeper into exercise science.

Beyond his clinical expertise, Jay is a master of administration, having excelled as a clinic administrator. With a strong foundation in healthcare management, he's now on the brink of acquiring his physiotherapy license and has ambitious plans to establish a state-of-the-art clinic specializing in sports physiotherapy and orthopedics.

Get to know Jay Brahmbhatt - the person who combines passion, expertise, and a sprinkle of personal charm to drive MM Physio's success story!

Silpa Vazhadan, PTA

Meet Silpa Vazhadan, the compassionate force behind patient care at MM PHYSIO. With a solid academic background, Silpa holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Physiotherapy from India. Her expertise spans anatomy, biomechanics, and therapeutic techniques, all rooted in a deep understanding of the human body.

Currently pursuing a specialization in Healthcare Administration in Canada, Silpa's commitment to holistic healthcare shines through. As a Physiotherapy Assistant, she excels in hands-on therapeutic exercises, aiding rehabilitation, and guiding patients towards regained strength and mobility. Her approach extends beyond physical recovery, prioritizing overall well-being and comfort.

What sets Silpa apart is her exceptional interpersonal finesse, fostering strong patient bonds through compassionate communication and empathy. Her dedication to continuous growth is evident in her pursuit of healthcare administration studies, showcasing her desire to make a lasting impact in the field.

At MM PHYSIO, we're privileged to have Silpa on board. Her blend of expertise, compassion, and dedication makes her an invaluable asset, creating positive change in patient lives and propelling healthcare forward. Join us in witnessing Silpa's unwavering commitment to elevating patient care and shaping a healthier future.